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We're a confidential digital brokerage firm that specializes in the buying and selling of websites,
domains and apps. Let us secure exactly what you or your company needs.

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The Process

Step 1. Application Process

Fill out our easy application process. Our brokers work diligently to prepare market research, providing competitive market analysis and the generation of quality prospective buyers/sellers.

Step 2. Negotiation

Our brokers are the lifeline to your next acquisition. This group of seasoned professionals will contact the current owner of your desired website and negotiate with them to get you the best deal possible. You should expect constant communication providing status updates throughout the acquisition process.

Step 3. Transfer of Assets

Brokeragefirm.com partners with industry trusted Escrow.com to ensure a safe, secure, and seamless transition.

What Next


Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Need a premium domain that is sure to provide the foundation for success? Our Senior Acquisition Specialists are up for the challenge. Our team is equipped with all the tools needed to find you the perfect fit.

I have bought quite a few (extremely) expensive domains in my life, and I have been blessed to work with some of the best domain brokers on earth. For five years I tried to acquire cmojobs.com with no success. No broker could identify the proper decision makers within its owner's organization, much less motivate them to orchestrate a sale. Then I met Colleen Kling, who somehow -- magically -- cracked the code. My philosophy has always been that a first-rate domain is more than a web address. It's a brand; an invaluable asset than can help establish trust and credibility within its owner's target market. Clearly, Colleen understands this, and I would use her again without any hesitation whatsoever.

-Harry Joiner, EcommerceRecruiter.com


Meet our brokers

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